Lost Sabers

Ep:0 Rundown

or how the GM keeps them guessing.

We started in the Minos Cluster at the “45 × 33 Space Station” in the Corellian Merchants’ Guild (CMG) with “Jack Burr” looking for a loan to get a small Space Freighter to start his own company. he was able to get 3 contacts, the first was a bank, the second was a Freight Company, and the #rd was the local Hutt gangster. After geting a very cold response from the bank, and not wanting to work for some one else, he chose to sell some personal jewelry, to gain the capital for the Ship. He went back to the CMG and looked for someone with connections to help him make the sale.

While this was going on Eboque “Ebo” Malkear was hanging out in the CMG in the bar slowly milking a drink, acting more intoxicated then he was. He got wind of the following 3 rumours.

  1. Rebel’s are operating some where in the Minos Cluster
  1. The Imperials have brought a Interdictor cruiser to the sector to Hunt down Rebel’s.
  1. Capt. Dianna and her ship the Blood Money have been terrorizing Imperial cargo ships all over the sector.

Jack Burr met “Ebo” who sugested that a visit to the local Hutt one DonJon Hutt would be the best sale. They made there way to his estate, and found a good bargain with enough credits to buy a Ship.

Upon leaving the Hutt’s residence the Hero’s noticed all shops in town were closing shop for lunch, once the streets were clear the Bounty Hunter Boushh called out Jack Burr “Draknar” by his family name. Ebo was able to confuse the bounty hunter at the time.

They picked out a ship Needs a name and headed back to the CMG to look for cargo.


brian_e_moore brian_e_moore

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