Lost Sabers

Great Start!

Finding Players!

So a few weeks ago, some one contacted me about wanting to play Star Wars D6 from the add I placed at the game store a year ago. Just before that my adult Son asked about playing, and I bumped into a Navy Buddy who I know is a gamer.

So after weeks of trying to find a day to get together to play we finally sat down around a table and worked on Characters. So far we have a Human (Wrong, its a Zabrak), Duros, and the last character is still to be determined.

I am looking to the first game being a great time.

Because it will help the game move along I will put this here. Getting on and using Obsidian Portal will add character points and other bonus to your in game character. However I have to find the post some one else made about it for the exact system of use.

Here are the rules


brian_e_moore brian_e_moore

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