Eboque "Ebo" Malkear


Eboque was born into a minor noble house, his family made their place and fortune off trading. Trading almost anything they could, though usually drawing a line at slaves and peoples lives, though transport is another matter entirely.

In his younger years Ebo always felt like there were things he should be able to do, yet couldn’t. Like there were things he should know, but didn’t. His father and mother began just shrugged it off like it was just some dumb kid being dumb.

He began tutelage at a young age, learning the family business. His father believed that if someone should do trade, then that someone should know all he can about what he’s trading, and should be prepared to repair it if able. He studied politics, economics, astrology, biology, the list goes on and on. He was found to be slightly smarter than the average individual, particularly in mechanical and programming fields. Under the advice of his tutors, his father had him begin studying more advanced fields of droid programming and engineering.

When he turned 15, he began getting hands on experience in the family business. Learning how people talk, how they act, what signs to watch for, and to know when the best time to haggle and the barter to get the best deal. His life wasn’t all “work” though, at least that’s what his mother and father told him. He attended parties, mingled with the other nobles, but even in this he was told to watch what people were doing and saying, and find a good girl in good stands to possibly wed. However to him, it was all rather boring. The girls were mostly air-headed ditz, and the other young men around his age seemed mostly careless. He drew tired of these events, the points that were suppose to be the high point, they were all just so boring. He would make excuses not to go, and work in his lab, drawing up plans for new droids, and random devices. A glove that could create a magnetic pull, boots that would allow for greater mobility, whatever thought caught his fancy. Even whole new droid designs.

At the age of 23 he left his home, he’d been saving up for a few years and finally decided he wanted to see the other side of the world, or even the universe. He was easily able to join the Corlean Merchants Guild, got himself a small place to stay, and began making his living buying and selling items. He used the skills he’d learned growing up to con people into selling low, then resell the item at a substantial profit.

He’d been doing this for a few of years now, now at the age of 26. These days, between buying and selling goods, he still draws up new droid designs, new equipment, and items of fancy, but now he has begun building the them, slowly but surely he’s putting them together. Seeing where these feelings of things he can’t do and things he doesn’t know lead him.

Eboque "Ebo" Malkear

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