Jack Burr "Draknar"

Male, Zabrak, A: 22 W: 110kg H: 2m



Zebrak Race


Fun Fact:
White geometric birthmark on right leg.


blaster, brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry,

bureaucracy, business, languages, law enforcement, planetary sytems , streetwise , survival, value,

astrogation, space transports, starfighter piloting, starship gunnery, starship shields,

bargain, con, forgery, hide, investigation, persuasion, search, sneak,


armor repair, blaster repair, droid programing, droid repair, security, space transports repair, starfighter repair, starship weapon repair

Shock Boxing Gloves
DL-44 blaster
blaster repair kit
portable clip recharger
1000 “CMG” guild credits


I was born on Soccorro in a land-speeder during a rainstorm which was highly unusual for a desert planet My family was minor nobility I had 4 sibling I was the 4th youngest of the kids. Sadly I didn’t see my dad a lot he was always wearing a military uniform, hyper intense and always working. My mom was aloof and obsessed with stopping something that hadn’t happened yet. I don’t know how she knew it would happen, but she never told anyone what it was just that it had to be stopped before it happened.

The only family member I got along with was my youngest sister Skree. we where the best of friends. the family got a servant droid when I was 4 and I made fast friends with it. When I turned nine my parents put me into an arranged marriage for political purposes. It was to be consummated when we where an acceptable age.

When I was 12 my family was taken from me I don’t know why my only guess was the government. I suspect the government is also after me. I was able to escape with 2 rings a droid, and left a cache of stuff behind.

During my escape I came across an old guy named “Slo Fey” who took me in and tought me, languages, self control and piloting. He was former military, who was on the run from the empire. He always went on about how order 66 caught his comrades by surprise. He came to be another father to me and I a son to him. When I became fifteen he decided I that I wouldn’t be able to learn more him and I should learn more about the universe on my own. So he dropped me off with a gift, and a blessing. He left and I haven’t seen him since. My goals now are get money learn to survive and find something “Slo Fey” mentioned

When I was eighteen and traveling the systems I met a Twi’lek woman named “Min Yoo” who had a stutter. She wasn’t impressive looking but she was highly intelligent and I fell in love with her. Sadly we grew apart with all my traveling and her getting schooling

adventure log

Jack Burr "Draknar"

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