Lost Sabers

The Star wars movies are a back drop

The thing is I like epic games, I also love Star wars, I know most of the stories forward and back, but because it’s my game and my story you should expect for crazy things like who were the real heroes of Yavin? How would a rebellion work if the empire actually know who the heroes of Yavin were? What if some one in PR picked 3 stooges so the empire placed them on the wanted posters, I mean did Darth Vader really have a child he did not know about, and the Senator of a planet that was destroyed, and a Spice Freighter Captain with ties to a notorious gangster.

A long time ago, not so far away.
Lost campaigns!


A few years back I had the joy of watching a campaign start out like a LOTR movie and end like that.. Sure we lost a few players but on the whole the game played about every other weekend for around 2 years..

It was fantastic.. This is what I am looking for in my next game..

Why do Storm Troopers 'always' miss their targets?
Out of character

Why do Storm Troopers ‘always’ miss their targets?

As a game master I have always used storm troopers as “Cannon Fodder”, easy to shoot and kill, in fact maybe always too east to shoot and kill. The above article really puts a perspective on the idea of how how well, or not well the troopers should shoot..

Typical Imperial Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper Scout

Typical Storm Commando Trooper

Lost Sabers
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . . .

Unknown.jpegThe Corellian Merchants’ Guild, is always looking for new tramp freighter captain’s and general help.

There are always stories of the rebellion against the empire, but finding some one to ask about joining with out getting tossed in jail is always harder than it looks, maybe there looking for you?

and of course the empire is always looking for intelligent people to be technicians and officers in the ground and space forces.


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