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  • Ep:0 Rundown

    We started in the Minos Cluster at the "45 Ă— 33 Space Station" in the Corellian Merchants’ Guild (CMG) with [[:jack-burr | "Jack Burr"]] looking for a loan to get a small Space Freighter to start his own company. he was able to get 3 contacts, the first …

  • EP: 1

    "On ward and upward":http://www.starwars.com/games-apps/star-wars-crawl-creator/?cid=565fd471e4b0198630af59e6

  • EP: 1 Rundown

    After spending some time on administration things like spending character points and getting some house rules talked about we started to game. Two rumors. 1. Their is a lost Imperial Customs Frigate someplace in the cluster. "Light Corvette": …