Campaign Maps

So to get an Idea how all the maps Layout let me set up some maps for you.

The trade route I tend to stick to is the Rimma Trade Route.

On that route is the Tapani sector

Followed by the big map, mostly the Outer Rim, this representation of the maps is rotated 90% clockwise from the maps them selves to show how they would fit into the Rimma Trade Route map above.


Laid out like this with map K-359 being the Elrood sector

I-359J -359K-359
I-360 J -360 K-360
I-361 J -361 K-361

then the Minos Cluster and finally the Kathol sector.

Please Note: the Big Map is the map that Ian Houlihan made for his Moon Swing Chronicles, except I have made changes by re-naming planets or correcting the placement of the planets.

Campaign Maps

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