House Rules

I use the Standard D6 “Classic” System, except I expand the character creation to include using Central Casting: “Heroes Of Tomorrow” book that I have (you can google for a PDF of the file).


For the most part if you find it on the 6D Holocron Wiki I will let you buy, find, or look for it. however as a GM if I find something over powers the game I will explode it during the game.

Holocron Wiki


Obsidian Portal Rules Here are the rules

Destiny Point use: Lowers difficulty of the target number by two levels, any 1 on Wild Dice is rerolled, Can not have a critical fail, gives the player an extra wild die (Destiny Die) to roll and add to total, A 6 on the Destiny Die is a heroic success and gives the players party a no critical failure’s for the rest of that action (combat, escape, or 5 minuets of in game time).

Wild Die: a 6 is rerolled with all subsequent rolled added to the player total. A 6 also = a suscess and each success on the wild die lowers target number by 1 level.

lowers target number range:

Very Easy 1-5
Easy 6-10
Moderate 11-15
Difficult 16-20
Very Difficult 21-30
Heroic 31+

Other Rules:

~OCC NOTES ~ I use this to denote when statements are out of character or separate from the storyline.

Beskar “Mandalorian Iron”

I also keep all character sheets between games, but you are able to get a copy to take with you so you can use your off time and make plans on how you want to build your character for your next chance at advancement.

House Rules

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