Lost Sabers

adv log 1

adv log 1~
I found passage to the minos cluster to get a ship. when i arrived i went straight to the cmg to see if they would give me a loan for the capital on a ship. they said no but gave me some bussiness cards to start me on my way. so i started going to them for a loan. after some cold ansers I then remembered that I had family jewels I could sell. As much as I didn’t want to sell them they where the most expensive things I owned to get a ship. So I went to the cmg where I had them put out an ad for a middleman to help me sell them. I met a corellian merchant through them who smelled like booze. He helped me sell them in exchange for a job on my ship and 40 percent of the profits. The only person we could sell the jewels to where the local huts whose name was Donjon. He seemed to have met the merchant before. On our way to the shipyards we encountered the bounty hunter “Boushh” who knew my father. Why it matters who my father was I don’t know but i didnt think it was a good idea for people to know who i was. It makes me wonder what my dads job was on Soccorro. The merchant was fast thinking and said my name was Draknar. Thankfully the bounty hunter believed it. We went and got a 720 light freighter that had some outer storage. afterwards we went and bought ourselves a couple r2 units and upgrades for his secretary droid “Sillica” and my servant droid “ax10” after we got the droids we went to the cmg and got myself a membership!


brian_e_moore brian_e_moore

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