Lost Sabers

Jack burr adv log 3

As we landed in the interdictor it was quiet there was a yt-1300 freightor in the hanger bay as well as an imperial shuttle. we suited up and grabbed some equipment for running around. go over to the shuttle we see someone in there. pointing our weapons we tell them to identify themselves. instead of saying something they charged me.it was an imperial commando trooper! I swiftly swung a fist at his face and missed causing him to headbutt me. i fell over and he kept running. my new friend Ebo shot at him and missed. i got up and traded my ion canon for my blaster and shot at his leg and hit. causing the trooper to fall. and at this moment me and Ebo started running at him. the trooper gets up and Ebo tackles him causing his helmet to fall off giving off an awful stench. i walk over and its trying to get close to ebo to bite him. ebo has him pinned really tight tho. and i take my vibroblade and put it through his skull. at this point the yt-1300 flies out of the hangar bay and sits beneath the entrance. ebo decides to strip the trooper of its armor and afterwards we go the imperial shuttle to try to get some answers and find a 4po protocol droid and another set of commando armor. ebo hacks the droid to try and find out what happened but it was never used so we have him go back to the ship. afterward we go to the doors that will lead to the rest of the ship and ebo hacks into the system and decides to air the place in case anything else is on the ship. while looking through the camera we see hundreds of rotting bodies fly out the airlocks. as we start to head inside the ship we hear someone on our comms. “you assholes just fucking spaced me” the yt-1300 flies back inside. we take cover behind the doors leading to the hangar bay and the yt-1300 lands and someone in white ubese raider armor covered in something red on the helmet, forearms, and legs. “get off my ship” they tell us. ebo reply’s with “how do we know the ship is yours” they start heading back to their ship and say “this is how” the ships engines start warming up. at this point i start putting things together. something important is on the ship. that’s why there is an imperial shuttle. after whatever happened with the crew they sent reinforcements to go and procure it. i decide to see if it had anything to do with the force and sense if there is anything on the ship. i all of a sudden feel something from the dark side of the force coming from the back of the ship. me and ebo run off in different directions. i call on the comm asking whats he doing and let him know what im doing. he tells me hes gonna try to stop the boot up sequence and we keep comms open. i get to where the object is and hack the doors open. afterwards alarms start going off and a self destruct counter starts. as the doors slide open i see dozens more zombies. i draw my batleth and behead one and start dodging the rest to see what it is. the i see it. its some sort of flower. and then one of the dead troopers get me and i become a bit stunned and i run. “it wasn’t tech its not worth it till i know more. cmon ebo where gettin the hell outta dodge” me and ebo get to the ship and fly off. and ebo fills me in on what happened on his side and lets me know that we just went toe to toe with capt, diana and that shes still alive. we head to the minos cluster station and dock


brian_e_moore fullmoon_wolf1995

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